Web Engineering Work Portfolio

Current Original Webware Products

  • Trillium Zoom-Free Content Management System: Trillium Zoom-Free CMS is the best content management system for small businesses and non-profits—easy yet sophisticated. It results in faster page loads than any other CMS system, which helps keep your audience engaged, and may improve your Google ranking. It employs responsive mobile technology, so there is only one version of web content for editors to maintain. Zooming and horizontal scrolling are never required, and text is always large enough to read easily without zooming, regardless of the orientation of the viewing device, creating a user experience of easier navigation and less eye strain.  Details

  • Trillium Blogging Subsystem: The best blogging webware for small businesses and non-profits. It offers mobile support for public-facing pages (zooming may be required for landscape views).  Details

  • Trillium Gallery/Slideshow Subsystem: It displays full-size images in a slideshow format, sized to fit the viewport of the displaying device. (Thumbnail matrix format also available.) It supports unique URL linking from each image and automatic image sizing after upload. It offers a very user-friendly interface for administrator and web visitor alike. It offers optimal mobile support for public-facing pages. (Zooming is never required).

  • Trillium Online Appointment Scheduling: It's features include defining profiles, working hours, services, practitioners, maintaining a business schedule (both self-service appointments by the public and manual appointments you set yourself), and full mobile support for public-facing pages.  Details

  • Trillium eTicketing System: For selling online eTickets to events of any kind. It's features include event detail page, event previews via AJAX, an online payment gateway, promo codes, selecting seating areas within a venue at different prices, defining venues, specifying appropriate age groups, senior discounts, real-time reservation tracking prevents overselling, and printable eTickets for attendees to present at the door. It's mobile aware (no horizontal scrolling), not mobile friendly (zooming may be required).  Demo

  • Trillium Pay-per-Download Module: It receives real-time electronic payments and enables download of copyrighted music tracks, eBooks, or other digital content. It offers shortened-length playable teaser tracks for demonstrating audio content before purchase. It securely inhibits download by persons who have not yet paid the licensing fee, yet the teaser demo and download process is very user friendly. It's mobile aware (no horizontal scrolling), not mobile friendly (zooming may be required).

  • Trillium Shopping Cart: For shopping websites that sell tangible products to be shipped. It offers mobile support for public-facing pages (zooming may be required for landscape views).  Details

  • Trillium Podcaster: It enables you to broadcast your own audio channel via MP3 files hosted on your own website, so there are no ongoing subscription fees specifically for podcasting services. (However, podcasting does require higher bandwidth, and could raise your web hosting fees: check with your web hosting provider.) This webware product supports iTunes and RSS technology standards, so it will work with popular podcast aggregator websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps (the kind that help your listeners organize and listen to their subscribed podcasts). It supports cover art, not only for your channel, but also for each episode, which will help you promote your channel in the iTunes Store. (Cover art images for each episode are optional.) It can be installed as part of a complete website, or as an add-on to an existing website. It offers optimal mobile support for public-facing pages (zooming never required).

Past Web Engineering Projects

  • Highly-Functional Custom Membership Website for a non-profit special interest membership organization, C.G. Jung Society, Seattle. Features included a self-contained membership tracking system with automatic renewals, streaming digital media management and playback for members only, an online print library card catalog and inventory system, recurring donations and donation management, and mass email composition and distribution.  Demo

  • Highly-Functional Custom LETS Website: Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) enable neighbors to trade with each other using mutual credit. LETS webware was a sort of bookkeeping system which supports this process. It was designed to be secure and robust, even in the event of a regional Internet outage. It was feature rich, supporting member profiles, classified ads, in-system messaging, member geographic mapping, privacy protections, mutual member inspections for transparency, polling, summaries about the member network, member blocks, transaction history accounting, automatic loan eligibility calculation, a mobile payment app, the establishment of reputations, verified member status, an administrative control panel, IRS reporting, newsletter mailings, support for a board of directors, collection of transaction fees and annual fees to cover administrative expenses, automatic maintenance, and more.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Gardening Website for a landscape gardening company. Features included member profiles, purchasing memberships online, account balances, specifying crop preferences for flats of plant starts, Customer Relationship Management, defining seasonal sessions and available crops, reversing membership payments, automatic allocation of available yield based on seniority and expressed preferences, complete mass mailing (newsletter) subsystem, and SQL query browser.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Music Industry Website: A mobile-friendly vertical-market social media website specifically targeting bands and other musicians. It enabled musicians to set up social media profiles for their fan base to follow their live performances, weaving together features from a variety of other social media websites. Supported syncing to other social media accounts, including music tracks, calendar, and status. Syncing support included API interfacing with Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Songkick social media websites. Included independent calendar, image and audio track upload, and font/color customization.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Real Estate Website: A recursive content management website for a large real estate broker. Broker required a website which could spawn independent subordinate websites for each agent. Subordinate websites had to each be capable of independent customization and content management without engineering support. Installation facility created by Trillium enabled business owner to create and delete subordinate websites, each of which had independent security, customization, and content management features.

  • Web Management Suite: A comprehensive webware platform for small business owners. Fully mobile friendly, it's featured included content management, blog contributions and administration, site search engine, image gallery, image editing, personal calendar, pay per download, customer service text chat, customer relationship management, and classified ads.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Catering Website: An ordering system for custom home meal delivery. Features included online payment gateway, privacy protections without customer logins, first-time customer perks, promo codes, defining regularly-changing menus, producing packing lists for easy order fulfillment, gift certificates, and container deposits.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Transportation Website for a regional coach transportation service company. A real-time online eTicket sales kiosk and automated reservation system for a regional coach bus service. Small business operator needed a customizable administrative control panel which enabled him to create, delete, and define routes, stops, ticket prices, and age discounts. Included real-time eTicket payment processing, eTicket printing, and mobile access for drivers to verify rider status.

  • Highly-Functional Custom Garment Industry Website for a custom screen-printed garment manufacturer. Client required a website which could demonstrate and sell custom-ordered t-shirts and sweatshirts with an infinite number of combinations of images, ink colors, and garment types. Database-driven website used graphic overlays to simulate the appearance of the finished product, and accepted and relayed custom orders. Database tracked order status from origin to fulfillment. Ordering process included real-time payment processing.

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