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Matching Funds and Hourly Billing for Simpler Projects

When Do I Need a Custom Online Database?

When your database needs to be accessible from people at different locations. Or when you need to access it on the go. Or when your customers or staff need the ability to send you (each other) information (orders, updates, notifications, etc.) via your website.

Examples: An online database is at the heart of every online order entry opportunity, sign-up function, lead-generation situation, customer relationship management (CRM) system, membership opportunity, mass email distribution system, accounting system, time schedule, shopping cart, e-commerce system, and much more.

After Hours: It's important to be responsive to a customer's buying impulse in the moment that it occurs. But if your office is closed, you can't. Except by means of a database-driven web interface!

Competition: Imagine how you can accelerate your business (and reduce hemorrhaging of customers to competitors) by making yourself immediately accessible to your customers via the Internet 24/7, or satisfying their requirement immediately (or giving them an immediate sense of relief that it's being handled), so they can forget about it and wait on you—rather than turning to your competitor in that moment of need when your office is closed.

Even During Office Hours: A custom online database can transform and dramatically improve your customer service process, from the increasingly-technology-dependent customer perspective. Consider how the slow and cumbersome spots in the daily information flow of your organization could be streamlined, or how you could improve customer service, using your website as an interface.

Teamwork: You know where the wrinkles are. We know how to apply the right technology solutions to smooth them.

How Do Matching Funds and Hourly Billing Work?

Get generous matching funds to start your new custom online database project—and shortly you'll have the online database your organization needs—quickly, expertly, and effortlessly.

How It Works: You will put down an opening retainer. First, we'll match it. Then, we'll communicate before and during database construction to find out about your unique requirements. If you can't explain in detail, that's OK: We know how to fill in the gaps. But we don't expect you to fly blind: Where you're unable to explain your requirement fully, we'll ask questions to clarify. This way, we're on the same page about expectations (as much as is possible without advance planning and a complete written specification).

You're in Control: Finally, while you supervise: we'll custom-build your perfect online database, bill hourly, and provide an itemized statement for all work completed.

How Much Would the Finished Project Cost?

A completed relatively-simple custom online database may cost from $300 to $800 out of pocket, depending on your requirements. We cannot claim that the initial account credit (opening retainer plus matching funds) will be sufficient to complete your project, for no one knows yet how it will take shape. The final cost would depend entirely on the specific features you order as the project is taking shape.

Little or No Advance Planning Required: Hourly billing gives you the complete freedom to explore and specify features during database construction; as opposed to having to think it through in advance, and documenting it in a complete written specification, which would enable bidding.

The Initial Account Credit (opening retainer plus matching funds) should be considered only an initial investment. However, it is a sound one. With many years experience in building custom online databases—we always work efficiently, bill in one-minute increments, and deliver top-quality results.

Make an Informed Choice: As long as your questions are answered in advance, you are likely to be as satisfied as our prior clients have been. Please make sure we have answered all your questions before putting down an opening retainer or placing a service order.

Is Hourly Billing Right for Me?

Hourly billing is an alternative to a complete written specification and bidding process. Putting down a retainer and working hourly means no specification and bid are required. Preparing a specification and bid means we would not bill hourly, but rather agree on a flat rate.

Serving a Specific Market: This website pertains to projects that are simple enough that a specification and bid are not required, including (a) those that would start out simple, and possibly be expanded upon later, and (b) those that are complex, and should have a complete written specification, but won't; and therefore a bid is impossible (not recommended).

Does my project require a specification and bidding process?
What are the pros and cons of having a specification and bidding process?
My project does require a specification and bidding process—now what?

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